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Why Set Up a Scrub Sale?

Why Should You Bring the Scrub Mobile to Your Facility?

Reason #1: The Scrub Mobile is an affordable option for your staff to keep them professionally outfitted for less. Most scrub retail stores charge between $50-$60 for a scrub top and bottom. At the Scrub Mobile, our customers can create sets for $20-$40.  Our prices are the lowest that your employees can find, even lower than Walmart and other scrub companies that bring scrubs onsite.

Reason #2: With most companies who bring scrubs to your facility, they require a large area inside your facility to set up their merchandise. They then take a large amount of time to bring racks of scrubs in and out. This can interfere with your staff and residents/patients. With the Scrub Mobile, there is no need to tie up valuable space at your facility. Our mobile store simply pulls into your parking lot and we are ready to start servicing your employees. Forget the long set up and tear down times.

Reason #3: With two dressing rooms and a quick checkout area, the Scrub Mobile is able to get your employees in and out quickly. Most shopping can be done on a work break or before or after an employee’s shift. We aim to expedite the process as much as possible.

Reason #4: In some areas, it is hard to find many stores that even sell scrubs except for the small section at Walmart. The Scrub Mobile comes to your employees and keeps them from wasting gas by traveling a long distance to a scrub retail store. This is a huge benefit to your employees.

Reason #5: Employee Appreciation. Many facilities will combine a scrub sale with an employee appreciation event. A scrub sale by the Scrub Mobile is a great way to show your valuable employees that you appreciate them. It can really add to your event.

Reason #6: We can offer payroll deduction to your employees in addition to accepting cash, check or credit. This gives your employees the opportunity to purchase scrubs without incurring the cost all at once. We are currently set up as a vendor for UPMC and Concordia as well as a number of other facilities. Call us at (724) 933-9706 or email us at to find out how easy the Scrub Mobile can set this option up for your facility.  

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